SDR receiver back on line and contesting…

Thanks to some inspiration from 2E0DFU I have repaired my network connection to the attic (it had been cut to use as a pull-through when I installed new feeders to the loft!) and have my SoftRock Ensemble II SDR receiver back online.

I’d forgotten just what a great bit of kit the SoftRock is and I’ve now taken the trouble to install an RF changeover relay in front of it to cut off the RF input and protect it from transmissions from my Elecraft K2.  The changeover relay is USB-controlled from the SDR PC and it’s only manual at the moment but is working well.  This means I can now run both my K2 and the SoftRock and I’m currently using the SoftRock as a wideband receiver to monitor band activity in the CQ WW RTTY DX Contest.  I have the remote K2 and the remote SoftRock set up on different Linux workspaces and I can quickly Ctrl-Alt-arrow my way between them as required:

rtty contest main desktop

rtty contest wideband monitoring 10m sparse
Using the SoftRock as a wideband receiver makes it easy to locate activity across the band.

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