The rather sparse WordPress page you see before you is the new front-end of my personal web site. This is a work in progress!

A revamp of the old site has been long overdue and I’ve decided to implement new content using WordPress for ease of use and flexibility.  My previous pages were written ‘by hand’ with raw html and CSS.  The world has since moved on and my spare time is now significantly more limited so I want to make it as easy as possible to add new content here.

My legacy project index page can be found here although most of the legacy project pages have now been imported as pages to this WordPress site.

My blog covering my time with British Antarctic Survey can be found here.


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  1. Andy
    Have to replace the 5 way on my HH Godin LGXT (which was replaced by the good folks at the no defunct Fender Custom shop Nashville, with a strat style 5 way.) Want go back to OEM to get original configuration: 1= Neck 2= single coil (nearest to neck)3= both neck and bridge full pu
    4= bridge single coil (nearest bridge) 5= Full bridge pu The folks at Godin want to charge me $30 plus shipping for the import. Can I get the OEM configuration with the Strat 5way or is there a less expensive import alternative. The current wiring was a quess on the part of the folks at fender since at the time they nor I had a clue. Pls advise

    • Hi Mose, not sure to be honest. Looking at the default pickup selections you can’t get that without some clever switch trickery – I think your best bet is to throw yourself on the mercy of Godin!

      • Thanks
        Going to leave it in the capable hands of Joe Glaser in Nashville seems there’s a Fender 5 way stacked switch that can handle the redo
        Til Later

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