SoftRock Ensemble II SDR Notes

Just some rough notes on this project at the moment…

Quite a bit more difficult to build than Elecraft kits, large number of surface-mount components but the most difficult aspects were very tightly spaced components and some lack of clarity in the build instructions.

Now running on the loft receiver PC into an ESI Juli@ audio 192-kHz interface.

Loft receivers v4

Care is required over the PC’s audio configuration to get the correct results. Running HDSDR appear to alter the PC’s sound settings to give rise to imaging around the centre. Settings that have worked so far with SDR# as follows:

SDR# working SoftRock Ensemble II remotely

Control Panel, Sound Properties, Audio tab:

  • Sound Playback default device: Realtek AC97 Audio
  • Sound Recording default device: Juli@ Audio

SDR# Audio Settings:

  • Input: [Windows DirectSound] Primary Sound Capture Driver
  • Output: [Windows DirectSound] Realtek AC97 Audio

These don’t appear completely reliable yet, imaging still occurs sometimes. One fix has been to open up Windows Volume control, Options and set for Recording with Juli@ Audio hopefully ensuring that the corect line in channels (both of them!) are selected…

IP Sound streaming Realtek AC97 audio using PCM, 22 kHz codec works well to both Windows and client running through Wine in Linux.

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