One of my interests is in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities, ideally to introduce people to technical hobbies which I believe can be a powerful addition to traditional academic learning.  I am a registered STEM Ambassador with STEMNET, a registered charity in the UK that creates opportunities to inspire young people.

This part of my site is where I am collecting some of my own resources as I develop STEM activities…

noaa-18_gqrx_20161006_171932_137912500_11025_contrast_enhance_chbI am currently trialling an Weather Satellite Receiver Project.  I am coaching a small group of 12-year-old students through use of low-cost equipment (a £15 RTL-SDR dongle receiver and DIY antennas) to receive weather imagery directly from Low Earth Orbit satellites as they pass overhead.

This project gives the students hands-on experience of working with live satellites, use of radio communications and hopefully some construction as they build themselves a receiving station for their school!  This is a challenging project with lots of problems to solve on the way and this is where the real learning is done.