More mapping…

I’ve spent a while this morning manually updating some log entries in Ham Radio Deluxe – all of the entries imported from last week’s RTTY Makrothen Contest which uses a 4-character Maidenhead locator code as the exchange didn’t show up correctly on my map that is generated from the log data uploaded to  Seems that it doesn’t like 4-character locators so I’ve appended them all with “ll” which is roughly the centre of the square to make the 6-character locators (e.g. “KN67” becomes “KN67ll”), re-uploaded the log entries and now they appear in the right places on the map.

I’m obsessing about the map a little bit at the moment – something to do with looking for patterns within real data and the childish pleasure of putting pins in the map on far off places.

Let’s have a look at an embedded Google Maps link in WordPress:

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