Vintage radio indulgence…

A 1970 Hacker Sovereign II acting as extensions speaker for a 2012 Roberts iStream Revival
A 1970 Hacker Sovereign II acting as extension speaker for a 2012 Roberts iStream Revival

I’ve recently cleaned up an old Hacker Sovereign II, an early 1970s transistor radio which belonged to my wife’s grandfather. Surprisingly the radio was mostly working (AM section is silent) and I was amazed at the sound that boomed out of the radio on the first FM station it found! Superb. They certainly don’t build them as they once did…

Anyway I’ve had it in mind to find a replacement for the broken telescopic antenna before this radio is handed back to my wife for greenhouse duty – searching for a non-functional radio of the same type on eBay seemed to be the answer. Separately, I’ve also had it in mind to investigate acquiring an extension speaker for my Roberts iStream Revival which is a recent addition to the house. The Roberts is a thing of beauty and great for its size but is understandably limited when filling a large room with sound. It crossed my mind to combine the two needs. I thought about adding an aux-in facility to another Hacker and then discovered they came with them factory-fitted! I’ve just plugged the line-out from the Roberts into the “Input/Gram” socket on the Hacker by 3.5mm jack lead and the combination sounds great! The eBay hunt is on!


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