2017 RSGB Convention Talk

At the 2017 RSGB Convention I gave a talk titled “Low Cost Remote Radio”, perhaps better described by the sub-title “Network-enable your existing radio with Raspberry Pi and friends…”.  The talk was a summary of where I was with my RPi3-based network-enabled radio setup, some experimentation with remote operation and using an ASUS Tinker Board as the client.  The intention of the talk was to present a very low cost approach to remote radio, to break the larger problem down into manageable chunks and to offer some homebrew ideas that people might like to try first on their home networks, particularly as lots of people seem to have a Raspberry Pi gathering dust in a drawer somewhere!

If you’re interested, the slides presented and the video demo I ran of my ‘virtual shack’ in operation can be found below (the video was run towards the end of the slideshow):

My home station configuration is usually evolving – I’m currently experimenting with the failsafe aspects of running my station remotely using a second independent single-board computer (a BeagleBone Black) with the superb Node Red IoT software, MQTT messaging and a number of relays to control mains and 12VDC power sequencing and PTT timeouts (I expect I’ll write a page on that soon).  In the meantime, feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions.  🙂