Pickup Comparison

Check it out. On this page you can listen to the comparitive recordings I've made of my four electric guitars and hear (or at least try to hear!) the differences between them.

I've made these recordings using my Line6 PodXT direct into a Boss MicroBR recording straight to mp3 format. I've used the same clean amp settings on the Pod for every recording on this page (if you have a PodXT or compatible Line6 device, download the tone here) but the volume levels of the recordings have been normalised. I've tried to play the same clean lick as evenly as I can.

Pickup Select
AmDlx Strat (Fralin)
AmDlx Strat S1 (Fralin)
DIY Strat (SCN)
Godin (SSS mode)
Godin (HH mode)
Les Paul Std Lite
Neck Neck Neck Neck Neck
Neck||Mid Neck||Mid Neck||Mid Neck||Mid Neck||Bridge
Middle Middle Middle Neck||Bridge Neck||Bridge
Mid||Bridge Mid||Bridge Mid||Bridge Neck||Bridge
Bridge Bridge Bridge Bridge Bridge

The four guitars are:

One thing that became apparent in making these clips was that my AmDlx Strat seems to have a lot less sustain than my other guitars and, surprisingly, the DIY Strat that was put together from random parts has bags of sustain! Could be down to an older set of strings on the AmDlx during the recording... I think an investigation is in order...