Welcome to Andy's Home Page

Welcome to my personal website. I started building it partly to teach myself something about html and the web but also because I'd been frustrated by failing to find some information elsewhere on the internet. Maybe I didn't search hard enough? Maybe it wasn't there? I decided that if it wasn't then it should be so that prompted me to write this page on how to modify a HSH guitar to switch between SSS and HH configurations and why you'd want to do such a thing. Mean nothing to you? Then check out my Guitar Wiring page - you might learn something!

How many times have you researched a project of yours on the internet and come across someone's hobby site that gave you just the right bit of info you needed? After positive feedback e-mails, I started writing pages on other projects of mine and hopefully some people out there will find bits of my site useful.

Bit by bit, this site is growing and you can access the content from the navbar on the right. If you do find something useful here, feel free to drop me a line.

Last updates

13/12/07 - After a few feedback e-mails from people with guitar wiring issues, I've written a short explanation of how the 5-position pickup selector switch works. Understanding what your pickup selector switch does is crucial to making any modification to the guitar's switching. I remember when I first started looking at guitar wiring I too found it a little confusing so hopefully some people will find this page useful.

01/12/07 - Wow, this one's been on the 'to do' list for a while! I upgraded my Media PC to Windows Vista about six months ago and I've finally got around to writing up the fun I had on this page. Won't be long and I'll have caught up on the backlog of projects!

20/10/07 - It's been ages since I've put anything new on here but I haven't been slack over the summer. Amongst other things, I've been putting together a Strat-type guitar from parts for a while now. I still haven't got round to writing anything about it but, after coming across this page and having a go at artificially ageing the knobs in tea, I thought I'd upload these photos. Pretty cool I reckon. I found 24 hours together with three bags of Yorkshire Tea did the business for me. Another interesting point is how the tone knob supplied with my Fender TBX control has 'aged' less (and is therefore probably made from a different plastic) than the volume and tone knobs that came off a Fender Strat made in Mexico... well, I think that's interesting!

21/04/07 - I've recently built a small 5W valve amp from a kit (check out www.ampmaker.com). It's superb - the kit was built up quite quickly but it's taken me a few months to put together a nice head cabinet to match a speaker cab I had already. I've tried to do a decent photo-tutorial on the tweed covering process as I struggled to find much info. Check it out here!

25/02/07 - It's finally here. It's taken me a couple of weeks to put together my little piece on how the Line 6 PodXT can be used as a multi-fx unit with no colouration from the amp modelling and along the way I've learnt some stuff about effects pedals and frequency response measurements. Check it out.