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System tested, fault not found…

July 21st, 2008 Posted in Training, UK

Last week, Karen and I were at NSSL in Redhill, a satcom and marine radio firm where we were being trained how to pull apart, reassemble and (hopefully) fix some of the kit we’ll have down on the bases. Jolly good fun really – we’d learn about the kit, have a play with it and then Pat, our mentor for the week, would break it while we were having a coffee and we had to figure out what the wily fox had done. And yes, most of the time he managed to fool us with an exciting and imaginative act of sabotage which ensured we learnt our lessons well…

Eating in the Beefeater every night didn’t do much to ease the damage done by eating all those cakes at the BAS canteen for the previous three weeks. We have heard the summer’s training be referred to as the “BAS Weight Gain Programme” (living away from home, eating out, little exercise…) so, out of interest, I’ll start keeping an eye on my weight. And if it all goes to hell, I could use the fuel reserves for the cold climate ahead…

As expected, Friday was pretty hectic – started south of the M25 at 0600, saw the BAS dentist in St. Neots at 0930, managed to hang on to my wisdom teeth (for now…), back in Worcester by 1230 and was poring over the atlas with the nurse at 1430 planning out the cocktail required for any travel through South America on the way back. Three injections to start with and my arms were aching like hell by nightfall.

Long week, pretty knackered!

  1. 2 Responses to “System tested, fault not found…”

  2. By Sticky on Jul 22, 2008

    Sounds cool mate, keep up the blogging!


  3. By graham on Jul 24, 2008

    I finally got round to opening your blog this evening
    I hadn’t realized that you might have to have your wisdom teeth pulled out to go south
    Appendix next thing to come out then methinks
    Found a CD that you had burnt off for me the other day So thats gone back in the car CD changer to help me pass away the hours treking up and down between Portsmouth and Malvern
    Cheers G


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