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“Speak like a geek”…

September 3rd, 2008 Posted in Training, UK

IMG_1670 Last week was spent on the Isle of Wight at the UK Sailing Academy in Cowes – the photo is the view from my room’s window! It might seem rather strange to send the two new communications managers to sailing school but this is where we spent a week learning about marine radio and took our GMDSS Long Range Certificate exams. Now, after the manic week before, I was quite looking forward to a nice break on the Island, play with some radios, G&Ts overlooking the water… alas it was not to be. Although we got there a day early and had a nice drive around the Island, stopping off at the Crab & Lobster for a long lunch, the rest of the week was spent in all day classes where we were taught to "speak like a geek" (shouldn’t be too hard for me) and studying hard every night before Friday’s exams! So, a lot like the week before really! Friday came, passed the tests and we’ve both got another radio licence which is always handy. 🙂

To be fair, it was a very interesting week as the marine radio world was all new to me and it was mightily impressive to watch our instructor explain the basics of MF, HF and VHF radio propagation to a class of sailing students who only really want to be on the water. Also, chatting with these guys who are gearing up for a life at sea (crewing the super-yachts of the mega-rich seems to be the most popular path) makes it seems like it’s not so crazy to ditch a perfectly good job in the UK to do something exciting for a while…

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  2. By Graham on Sep 7, 2008

    So let me see if I’ve got this right…you go and spend the whole week at a sailing school and don’t go out on the water – never mind actually going for a sail….shame on you
    Bye the bye sorry I missed you the other Friday so near yet so far


  3. By Andy on Sep 12, 2008

    Yep, so near yet so far… I did at least step on a couple of yachts, and if you count the Red Funnel I did get a couple of hours sea-time 😉


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