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Nifty Lifting…

September 27th, 2008 Posted in Training, UK

P9260153Another good week this week – after a short break in Barcelona with the family and  Zoe, it was straight back to Cambridge for a MEWP course. Karen, Shaun (the new Rothera carpenter) and I were shown the way of the Mobile Elevating Work Platform, more commonly known as a “cherry picker”. Now I know these things are pretty much bread-and-butter stuff to anyone who’s ever been on a building site but for someone like me who’s just about mastered their 9.6V cordless drill it’s pretty intimidating stuff!

P9260154Practice breeds confidence though and it wasn’t too long before I was on my way up to near-enough the maximum height of a whopping, uh, 12m. Can’t say I’m a big fan though, it did conjure up images of rickety fairground rides and I’m not big on those… and 12m? Well, that’s plenty high enough when you’re on the wobbly end and apparently the Rothera MEWP goes up to 22m!

In case you’re wondering why I need to be taught how to drive/ride in these contraptions, it’s probably something to do with accessing roof-mounted antennas and maybe a pinch of general multi-skill stuff so we can all cover each other on base. Here’s hoping my predecessors have been liberal with the self-amalgamating tape, tightened all the bolts and all the faults are at ground level!

And as if that wasn’t enough, to carry on the ‘working at height’ theme next week will be spent down in Taunton with Western Power learning to climb masts and pylons and stuff that will probably make the cherry picker look like a Reebok Step…

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