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Back from the wild blue yonder…

September 12th, 2009 Posted in Antarctica, Training

The wild blue yonder... I have returned (in fact I’ve been back a week) from a highly successful sortie into the wild blue yonder, a continuation of our essential winter training. Dave and I headed out last Monday in excellent weather which allowed us to travel through the pass in the mountains to the north of base and around the back of all A perfect evening at camp that terrain to the south end of Adelaide Island. We camped just beneath the dramatic hills with a view to climbing the next day. Three more days of perfect weather with hardly a breath of wind ensued and Dave and I went on to knock off pretty much all the sights before a day of lie-up on Friday.

Camped beneath the Myth (peak left of centre)

Packing up after climbing the Myth We had a good couple of days climbing hills and enjoying the excellent views afforded by the unusually good weather. In fact as we climbed the Myth (the peak left of centre in the photo above) the problem was more of overheating despite the temperature around -15°C or so. We also had a break form climbing one day to The unclimbed (and unnamed) peak beyond the Myth head down to the southern tip of the island and have a look around the abandoned base there which was the predecessor to Rothera.

The weather took a turn for the worse on Friday and we were forced to abandon our plans for more climbing when visibility Taking in the view at the top of Snow Ditty dropped to maybe 100m in snow so we took it easy before heading back to base on Saturday morning in what turned out to be rather more exciting weather than was forecast. Although we’d only been out for a week, it felt very strange arriving back on base and very crowded around the dinner table on Saturday night, perhaps a small taste of what it might be like when I return to the “real world” next year…

This week has been a busy one. It’s not long now before the first aircraft of the summer is due to arrive and the preparations for the coming field season need to be finished off, gear checked and allocated to projects. We also had a rather messy power-down this week which was a little more prolonged than usual and served as a good reminder as to just how isolated we are. Top marks to Paul (the genny mech) though for getting the situation back under control and in the end there was no harm done other than us missing morning smoko…

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  2. By Mum on Oct 2, 2009

    Those hills do look dramatic. How high are they?
    Good to have a break!


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