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At last, some exercise…

October 3rd, 2008 Posted in Training, UK

Me rescuing Buffy the dummyA thorough mental and physical challenge this week! We’ve been back to Somerset with Western Power Distribution learning to climb and work on masts and towers. We don’t have electricity pylons down South but Western Power run an excellent course for BAS at their training centre in Taunton where we can start climbing and working at height safely, ready to tackle any problems that may arise with any mast mounted antennas or sensors on the bases.

After a morning on harness inspection and safety equipment we were out on the training field Karl and Karen happy in their work...starting to climb – there’s something fairly intimidating about climbing something that you’ve always been taught to stay well away from! We each had a run up the three towers using the various bits of climbing gear and then spent a couple of days rescuing the dummy, Buffy (or Brad, depending on your preference!), from various situations.

We’ve climbed through all the weather this week has thrown at us, most exercises being performed in the lashing rain after having hung around on a pylon for a couple of hours in the cold, I’m sure all part of the training plan to toughen us Our Friday treat!up before we head South! The hard work and hard weather made for healthy appetites and this was amply catered for by the site canteen – not sure which way the Weight Gain graph is going to go this week…?

The week was rounded off today with a special treat – we all got to climb the big tower! At about 65m high it’s a really long vertical climb (we all made it) and moves around a little at the top. A nice windy day today too! Hopefully the pic on the right gives a sense of scale. You can see Celine on the ladder and you may be able to make out Andy and Chris at the very top 🙂

Next week the climbing continues and my UK training finishes with the second part of the mast course – our instructors join us back at BAS HQ in Cambridge and we start playing with the LTS masts that we use on the bases down South…

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