My blog while I work for British Antarctic Survey

About this blog…

I’ll keep this page relatively short as no one’s going to come here to find my life story and the chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you probably know who I am already!

Between 2008 and 2010 I worked for the British Antarctic Survey as a communications specialist or, more precisely, “Wintering Communications Manager”. I was based at Rothera Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsular and held the responsibility of maintaining communications between the bases, ships, field parties, aircraft and the UK office in Cambridge using a wide range of radio equipment, satellite communications, IT and networking. It was an 18 month post and no, there weren’t any trips home!

While living in Antarctica I wrote this blog to stay in touch with everyone back home, a central point where any of my friends and family who were interested could check in, see what I was up to and maybe drop me a message from time to time. Now I’m back in the UK this is a historical diary and may be of interest to anyone who comes across it.

To browse around the blog use the Archives panel (on the right side of the screen) or the experimental Site Map to pick a post and then the arrows that appear on the sides of the screen will move you forwards (or backwards) through the posts in chronological order.

I hope you find something useful, interesting or amusing here!